Letter: Freedomworks not Tea Party group

Dear editor:

In a recent article that appeared on the Florida Times-Union website, “Freedomworks” was called a “Key Tea Party Group”.

Nothing could be further from the truth as “Freedomworks” is a lobbying organization that has had nothing to do with forming any Tea Party Group; including themselves.

If anything they are opportunists that are taking advantage of the Tea Party and raking in millions of dollars to promote and fund their organization.

The Tea Parties were totally excluded from the planning and financial benefits of both DC Marches and I doubt there will ever be another because of those factors.

The socialists want to degrade the Tea Party as being funded by organizations like “Freedomworks” when, in fact, the reverse is true — and the movement has unknowingly funded for too long this DC lobbying group.

“Bad associations ruin useful habits” and associating the Tea Party with any DC lobbying organization goes counter to being a grass roots movement — and will ultimately hurt us.

I recently learned that a Mid Florida Tea Party Group was asked to host a Fund Raiser breakfast for Dick Armey and they wondered why they should. I wonder myself.

One thing is for sure, those funds won’t go to the group hosting the breakfast.

The final thought; beware of anyone that says “I am from Washington, DC and I am here to help you.” Your wallet should immediately be located and protected.

Glenn Lord
Peoples Tea Party
Tea Party Network

Photo credits: © 2010 Historic City News staff photographer

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