City Government Week begins Sunday


The Florida League of Cities reported to Historic City News that members of the St Augustine City Commission and the city’s fire chief will be visiting area schools next week as part of Florida City Government Week, October 21-27.

Fire Chief Mike Arnold will visit R. B. Hunt, Ketterlinus, and Crookshank Elementary Schools, The Webster School, and Cathedral Parish School during the week.

City Government Week reminds the community to be mindful that because municipal government is the level of government that is closest to the people — it has the most significant impact on its residents and their quality of life.

City officials visiting area schools during Florida City Government Week has become a tradition in recent years. The visits provide an opportunity for city leaders and students to meet.

Participating schools will use one day during the week to host a participating official who will lead Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the school day. Mayor Joe Boles, Vice Mayor Leanna Freeman, Commissioners Errol Jones and Nancy Sikes-Kline will also participate.