Letter: Fool me once shame on you


Letter: Fool me once shame on you

Hank Whetstone
St Augustine, FL

Bruce Maguire was a highly effective St Johns County Commissioner who ran for re-election in 2006; only to become the political victim of a “smear campaign” led by the most arrogant and corrupt politician in St Johns County’s history — Thomas G Manuel.

Before he was eventually convicted on federal corruption charges and ended up serving time in prison, Manuel fooled enough voters to be elected — substantially by spreading lies against Commissioner Maguire. Fool me once shame on you.

Some of the same schemers who supported Tom Manuel are now attempting to spread the lie that Bruce Maguire is suing the city. That is non-sense. Do not allow those with a political agenda to fool you twice. They are only fearful that Bruce will stand up for citizen’s rights — before the special interests of a few politically corrupt lowlifes.

I initiated legal action against the Santa Maria Restaurant nearly 20 years ago after their building in the Matanzas River infringed on riparian rights that have been in my family for more than 65 years — long before Bruce Maguire married my sister, Virginia.

My parents are back in court as they continue to defend their property rights; this time from an arrogant local government trying to take rights that they do not own.

If you are a resident or property owner who votes in the City of St Augustine, I can assure you that Bruce Maguire is the best-qualified, most experienced candidate for commissioner in our city.

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