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A live televised report at noon today on Jacksonville’s Channel 4 News (WJXT) will explain what a group in downtown Jacksonville says it is doing to raise awareness about child sexual abuse.

They thought they got away with it. They thought no one would ever find out about their dirty little acts: the secrets that they expected their young victims to keep silent about all their lives.

But neither their threats, nor the shame that their victims once held, carry weight any longer with the twenty-three women between the ages of 28-65 who will be sending their 27 perpetrators some very shocking news on February 7th.

“We will be silent no more. We are reporting you – you vile, filthy, perverts,” said ReClaim Global founder, Dr. Kaye M. Smith during a press conference in Jacksonville today.

“Don’t even attempt to call us liars, or try to deny what you did to us,” Smith said. “We hope your evil actions are fully exposed. We hope you get the public humiliation you deserve. We put you on notice. We will do everything within our powers to make sure you pay the full legal consequences for sexually abusing us when we were children.”

Dr. Smith has counseled extensively with hundreds of men, women, and children who have experienced the tragedy of sexual abuse. For the past three years, Smith has facilitated support groups for women, 20-40 at a time, who were sexually abused as children. All of the women who are filing charges against their abusers have attended one of Smith’s support groups.

Throughout this year, many more women from ReClaim will be coming forward to press charges. Reclaim Global is holding their conference at the Sheriff’s Department as a public demonstration that these women are serious about reporting their childhood sexual abusers.

ReClaimers are what they call themselves — those who have been helped by Dr. Smith. Many call her “Mama Kaye.” These women have had phenomenal success in reclaiming their lives from the emotional pain associated with their childhood sexual abuse. ReClaim Global intends to be a loud voice in Jacksonville, in our state, and eventually in the world.

“When you’ve been in the trenches that I’ve been in, you learn to speak a rough and raw message about sexual abuse,” Dr. Smith declared. “Decent people can no longer turn their heads and look away from this evil plague.”

Florida is one of the top three states in childhood sexual abuse. “How shameful is that?” asked Smith, rhetorically. “Our city can be different. We are full of good people who just need to learn how to deeply loathe sexual abuse. Jacksonville needs to declare a war immediately against this crime!”

At 9:45 AM, hundreds of ReClaimers and ReClaim supporters began their walk in silence towards the Police Memorial Building, representing a voice for our children who are currently being sexually abused; a visible way to demonstrate ReClaim’s corporate slogan: “No More – Silent Crimes, Silent Children.”

Smith told reporters, “I believe that when these courageous women file charges, they will encourage many others, even outside of ReClaim to come forward.” By reporting their abuse en masse, ReClaim Global hopes to make a lot of pedophiles and child molesters very nervous. The doomsday of many perpetrators might be coming sooner than they think.

When the Sheriff’s Department gets our “Request for Prosecution” documents, they will begin the official interviews with the ReClaimers. Some ReClaimers know that they have good cases against their abusers. Others are hopeful that the laws governing statute of limitations will not challenge their charges. ReClaimers certainly expect their abusers to be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

One Reclaimer wonders if her abuser might actually be dead. She states, “It doesn’t matter if he’s dead or not. If they find out he is, I’ll be okay with that. I hope, however, he turns over in his grave when he finds out that his dirty little secrets are no longer buried with him.”

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