Republicans honor veterans Monday evening


Former Commander William Korach, USNR, and Chairman of St Johns County Veterans for Romney, has invited all Historic City News readers to attend Monday, October 29 when three local decorated combat veterans will be honored, along with other veterans supporting the election of Mitt Romney for President.

The event is being held at Republican Victory Headquarters located in the Westgate Shopping Center at 525 SR-16 in St Augustine from 6:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

“There is still time to schedule, if there is any other combat veteran who wishes to come forward, have their Citation read, and then say why they are voting for Romney,” Karach told reporters. “Ron Birchall, USA (Special Forces), Tom Waskovich, USA (SOG), and Jake Iles, USMC, have already confirmed.”

The schedule will include:

6:00: Blue Sky Blue Grass as guests arrive
6:30: Assemble for Pledge of Allegiance
6:45: Introduction of Combat Veterans, and recognition of all veterans
6:55: Reading of the citations (senior award)
7:00: Each veteran speaks on topic of why he is for Romney
7:30: Food is served, Blue Sky plays on
8:00: Event concludes

This will be an exciting event, so let’s get the word out to Veterans, their families and friends, Korach said. Young people are also most welcome.

To participate, contact 904-342-5250 and ask for Victory Office Manager, Justin Henson.