Voter ID cards headed to your mailbox

St Johns County Supervisor of Elections Vicky Oakes told Historic City News that her office is sending all registered voters a new voter information card to reflect changes made during the recent redistricting process; they will be arriving by mail in the next few days.

Florida re-draws its districts for Congress, state Senate and House districts every ten years. The County Commission and School Board are also required to redraw their district lines. The process ensures that the same number of people lives in each district; and, as a result, each person is equally represented in our government.

“Redistricting has affected every voter of St Johns County,” Oakes told reporters. “I am asking that you please review the information on your new voter information card when you receive it, and contact the Office at 904-823-2238 if any changes are needed.”

Oakes said that district numbers and boundaries have changed. Some precinct boundaries have also changed. “We have also combined some polling locations and re-numbered some precincts to better serve you.”

Voters can notify the Supervisor’s Office of a change of address by email. Your name, date of birth and address are required to verify and act. Address your address change request to

Voters who have not received their new cards can visit the Supervisor of Elections website ( and use the voter lookup tool. The tool allows a voter to enter their name and date of birth to check their voter status, locate their polling place, view their sample ballot or track the mailing and receipt of their absentee ballot. Once the voter’s precinct is located, the voter can view the voting districts and their polling place.

A voter information card is not required when voting in person. The law requires photo and signature ID to be presented when voting in person. Any voter without proper ID can still vote, but is required to vote a provisional ballot.

If you have any questions, visit or call 904-823-2238.

“As always, we look forward to serving you,” Oakes said.

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