Citations for under-age alcohol sales


400-SJSO-LOGO-ENGRAVEDSheriff’s Office spokesman Kevin Kelshaw, informed local Historic City News reporters that citations were issued recently to four convenience store clerks who were charged with selling alcohol to a minor; part of the sheriff’s continuing effort to combat underage drinking in St Johns County.

During the “Alcohol Compliance Detail” Saturday, December 29, a 17-year-old female attempted to purchase alcohol from 14 different establishments countywide.

“Our Youth Services Unit, in conjunction with the P.A.C.T. Coalition, conducts the unannounced inspections,” Kelshaw told reporters. “The juvenile girl, clearly under 21-years-old, would produce her actual identification, if asked; and, she would state her true age, if requested.”

Citations were issued to:

• Kangaroo, 4540 US-1 North, a 75-year old female sold a 4 pack of beer.
• Hess Station, 2480 SR-207, a 44-year old male sold a 4 pack of beer.
• 7-Eleven, 1790 US-1 South, a 58-year old female sold a 4 pack of beer.
• Kangaroo, 2800 US-1 South, a 51-year old female sold a 4 pack of beer.

Copies of the incident reports will be sent to the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco for potential administrative investigations, Kelshaw said.

Clerks at the following establishments refused the underage operative:

• Kangaroo, 465 SR-16
• R & R Beverage, 205 Murillo Avenue
• Harry’s Curb Mart, 204 SR-16
• Gate Store, 2350 SR-16
• Kangaroo, 2330 SR-16
• Racetrack, 2511 SR-207
• Mobile, 2685 SR-16
• Kangaroo, 1710 SR-207
• Citgo, 2110 US-1 South
• Kangaroo, 4205 US-1 South