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Deputies step in to rescue trapped raccoon

December 14, 2013 | By More

2-RACOON-FCSO-HCNHistoric City News learned that the keen eye of a 12-year-old boy spotted a young raccoon that had become stranded on Florida Park Drive in Palm Coast yesterday. The small raccoon had managed to get his back right leg wedged between two large branches of a crape myrtle tree.

The boy, who was walking to his bus stop around 7:00 a.m. Friday morning, tried to help the errant raccoon and called for help; unfortunately, Palm Coast Animal Control could not respond to rescue the wild animal.

Deputy Bret Wood arrived on the scene and used a car jack from his patrol car to separate the branches far enough apart to free the animal’s leg. The raccoon was aggressive toward Wood, but no one was injured.

In an effort to encourage the animal to escape the tree, Deputy Daniel Parthemore stepped in and gently lifted the raccoon’s leg with his extendable baton.

“The raccoon left the area and appeared to be in good health,” Deputy Wood said.

After being freed from the tree, the raccoon looked back as if saying “thank you” to its rescuers as it left.

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