Editorial: I pledge allegiance to the flag


400-FOUNDING-PRINCIPLESEvery St Augustine city commission meeting begins with the mayor, commissioners, staff, and members of the audience affirming an oath — their pledge of loyalty to the flag of the republic of the United States of America.

Then, when the mayor calls the meeting to order, he apparently has a “senior moment” and completely forgets the familiar words he has just recited; opting to avoid a political tar baby at the expense of the flag to which he has just given his promise of allegiance.

More than a few St Augustine taxpayers did not agree with the money spent and years of inconvenience suffered to restore a 1930’s era bridge; as opposed to allowing the State of Florida, who owns the bridge, to replace it with a more practical, modern structure.

Now that we have it, a citizen initiated movement to celebrate the flag by displaying it prominently across the span has run afoul of the mayor and his minions. Mayor Joe Boles told the commission that the installation of flag poles would be “cost prohibitive”.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Daddy Warbucks, at least when it comes to spending on the 450th Commemoration, becomes Ebenezer Scrooge when it comes to two dozen flag poles? He pisses away more than that on pretentious cocktail parties for his elitist cohorts — apparently willing to drink the 450-year-old Kool Aid required to win his favor.

Every American citizen has given their heartfelt pledge to the red, white and blue cloth that our families, our fathers, and our fathers before them, have been willing to sacrifice their lives for the liberty to fly.

But, of course, the elephant in the room is those pesky “other people” who will want to fly “their” flag, if the American flag is given its due.

Instead of Mayor Boles politely explaining that ONLY the flag of our nation represents liberty and justice for ALL citizens, not just a selected group, those who truly mean the words recited in our pledge are forced to listen as he panders to the minority.

Call Mayor Boles if you agree that the cost of a few flagpoles pales in comparison to the cost of liberty, and if you want to see the United States flag courageously flown on the Bridge of Lions. His office phone number is 904.824.4278. Or, e-mail Joseph L. Boles at mayorboles@comcast.net

The unpatriotic cowardice is appalling to me and the political soft-shoe will not go unnoticed during next year’s election campaigns, I can assure you.