Editorial: Ringling should relocate to St Augustine


ACROSS-MG-DESKWhen I think of St Augustine, I don’t think of a circus town, like Sarasota; but of late I am starting to think some of our city movers and shakers might be.

I am all about entertainment — for our visitors and for the thousands of folks who live here all year long. We have great local restaurants and entertainment options in addition to sightseeing — even though authentic heritage entertainment has taken a backseat to ghosts, pirates and just about any other commercial adventure other than something tied to our Spanish-Minorcan roots.

After Commissioner Leary abandoned ship, halfway through his term, the remaining commissioners decided it would be in their best interest to resurrect Leary’s political sponsor, Don Crichlow. At Crichlow’s first meeting after being appointed, he suggested we should consider a carousel for the current carpet golf site along the bayfront.

That would be carousel number two for our sleepy little fishing town; and, at coffee Friday, some expressed an opinion, about half-seriously, that if Crichlow, who is a Minorcan, could have a carousel, then they wanted to erect a Ferris wheel — big enough to offer a panoramic view of the city from the top of the ride.

Carousels. Ferris Wheels. All we need are the circus clowns — then the ghost of John Ringling could come commiserate with the ghost of Robert Ripley and they can both become featured parts of St Augustine’s paranormal entertainment circuit.

Some at the table, including a former city commissioner, former city attorney, former member of the Historical Architectural Review Board, and former county commissioner, who didn’t seem particularly shocked at Crichlow’s idea, kept coming back to one puzzling question.

What is wrong with the entertainment we have there now?