Help Wanted: City Commissioner


ACROSS-MG-DESKNOW IS THE TIME for all good men to come to the aid of their city!

Effective one week after the next St Augustine City Commission meeting, Bill Leary will officially resign his seat; allowing the four remaining commissioners 10 days to name his replacement — if not done by February 28, the governor will make an appointment.

The job comes with the promise of long hours, low pay, and a challenge to fix three or four years of anything but fiscal discipline.

My hope is that someone from the Republican Party, who lives within the city limits of St Augustine, out of a sense of civic duty, will come forward and agree to serve the remaining two years of Leary’s unexpired term.

I doubt the governor will get the opportunity to make this appointment — if he does, of course, we can expect to see a Republican appointed to the non-partisan commission.

This is not a glamorous position like county commissioner. There’s no health insurance, no Florida Retirement System, and you will earn a modest salary of $14,768.94 annually.

We need a conservative voice on this commission. We have the talent, and our city needs your guidance, to try to unwind the hot mess of wasteful spending on non-essential services that has become our city’s liberal status quo.

If you have an interest in this position, you must act now to be considered. Contact John Regan, the City Manager, and personally contact Leanna Freeman, Roxanne Horvath, Nancy Sikes Kline, and Joe Boles to make your commitment known. You don’t have to run an expensive campaign, three people will make this decision and the decision is going to be made in the coming days.