Letter: 100-year-old philosophies useless

400-BUCKENMEYER-TERRYLetter: 100-year-old philosophies useless

Terry Buckenmeyer
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor,

I would first like to express my appreciation that you print multiple points of view regarding what happens in this town.

I also find it interesting that your articles are referred to, almost verbatim, in many other on-line news sources.

For your readers who feel that I am somehow dangerous and that my actions should be followed, I would suggest that they Google my name with the correct spelling. They will find that I am more than a labor organizer. It must be really boring for them to only have 3 or 4 things to complain about over and over.

I do take exception to being called a communist. My political and economic beliefs are radically leftist but I do not subscribe to any particular philosophy.

I find the rigidity of political and economic philosophies devised a hundred or more years ago pretty much useless.