Letter: End welfare for professional sports


400-CASEY-ANGELA-K-FBLetter: End welfare for professional sports

Angela Casey
St Augustine

Dear Editor:

There are several bills in Tallahassee, which will authorize spending our tax dollars on stadium improvements for billionaire sports owners and millionaire athletes.

SB-922 and HB-721 will give $60 million to the Jacksonville Jaguars over 30 years to help with renovations to Everbank Field. John Thrasher is a co-introducer on SB-922. Doc Renuart is a co-sponsor on HB-721.

Thrasher and Renuart are not alone.

Central Florida lawmakers are pushing SB-358 and HB-219 which will give a new major league soccer franchise $60 million over 30 years. SB-306 and HB-165 will give the Miami Dolphins $90 million over 30 years for renovation of Sun Life Stadium. SB-1394 and HB-1049 will amend the definition of a “motorsports entertainment complex” to allow Daytona International Speedway to receive benefits similar to those other sports facilities are receiving.

These sports businesses claim they will attract more fans and large events and draw more revenue for the state. Independent economic studies have proven that these subsidies have little or no economic impact.

Floridians should contact their representatives in Tallahassee to ask that they oppose these bills and end all corporate welfare.