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Letter: Power outage at Flagler College

February 9, 2013 | By | Comments More

400-Cumiskey-1Letter: Power outage at Flagler College

Owen Cumiskey
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

There was a power outage at the Flagler College library that led to a fire when the power came back on. The cause, a squirrel, fell to the ground outside.

Flagler is making the adult students in the Public Administration program attend class in the library, even though it does not have any backup power or emergency lighting.

All of the Flagler College students use the library, not only the Public Administration students; yet there is zero emergency lighting and without any backup power, there is no way for handicapped or older students to use the elevator.

Everyone who has used the stairs knows that they don’t have any emergency lighting either. Students are having to use their cell phone for a flashlight or have to walk into the stairwell in the dark.

The bathrooms do not have any emergency lighting.

I would love to find out how a college of this size and caliber can get away with not having to provide a safe environment for the students.

Another great question that needs to be asked of the City of St Augustine is how this building can be up to code if there aren’t any emergency backup measures.

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