Local Tea Party meeting this evening


400-2ND-AMEND-DEMONSTRATIONHistoric City News was informed that the Town Crier Committee of the Saint Augustine Tea Party organized a Gun Appreciation Day event on January 19 at Ace Firearms located at 2570 US-1 South; attended by local residents and several members of the Putnam County Tea Party — including their Chairman, Stan Owens.

According to committee leader, Lance Thate, the demonstrators received numerous thumbs-up and honking horns to show their support for the granted United States citizens under the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

“We are your voice,” Tea Party Chairman Dave Heimbold told those who attended this weekend’s event. “We know you can’t always get to the rallies because you are working, but I welcome you to attend our meetings where we are still the grass roots and we continue to teach, light and stir the fires of patriotism.”

If you are planning to attend, the Saint Augustine Tea Party will convene their meeting tonight, Tuesday, January 22nd, commencing at 6:30 p.m. at the Village Inn in St Augustine. More information is available on their website: http://www.saintaugustineteaparty.org/