Marriage Licenses Applications – 10/13/2013

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The original public records are on file with the St. Johns County Clerk of Court and should be consulted before taking any action.

From the records of Cheryl Strickland St. Johns County Clerk of Court

Bride, Groom, Recorded

Briggs Rachel Virginia, Draughon Andrew Taylor, 10/8/2013
Buice Katherine Danielle, McLaurin Catrel Dontae, 10/7/2013
Charles Samina, Ingole Elon Haribhau, 10/8/2013
Coker Ashley Eris, Keeney David James, 10/8/2013
Dahl Georgia Carol, Alpizar Edward John, 10/8/2013
Donnelly Michelle Antonia, Brown Michael David, 10/8/2013
Donofrio Michele Marie, Callis Rory Lee, 10/8/2013
Elstun Laura Ann, Moulton Todd Richard, 10/10/2013
Favaron Kelly Beth, Santuccio Christopher John, 10/7/2013
Harvin January Latasha, Turner Cory Lamont, 10/7/2013
Jenkins Ashley Elizabeth, Cokley Jeffery James, 10/11/2013
Kelly Vanessa Kathleen, Gonzalez Luis Alberto, 10/8/2013
Lopez Diana Lee, Harper Jocob Robert, 10/10/2013
Negron Kristi Lynn, Rabon Stephen Ryan, 10/10/2013
Nicholl Catherine Suzanne, Ellison Andrew Ian, 10/11/2013
Owen Jennifer Lynn, Fisher John Justin, 10/8/2013
Patel Avanee Sumanbhai, Patel Ameet, 10/7/2013
Purvis Vera Lisa, Purvis Lee Jeffrey, 10/11/2013
Robin Elise Kraker, Hartman Jeffrey David, 10/8/2013
Schram Amy Kathleen, Lowery Kevin Michael, 10/11/2013
Smith Jennifer Lynn, Spurlin Joshua Blake, 10/8/2013
Stenberg Tracy Leigh, Kilby Bradford Walker, 10/8/2013
Thompson Tiffanie Dee, Sommers Wallace Damien III, 10/7/2013
Thurmond Josephine Ronda, Spearman Michael Dane, 10/10/2013
Tolliver Krista Emily, Phillips Richard Britton, 10/8/2013
Walsh Lauren Aileen, Lewis Byron Frank, 10/8/2013
Ward Sharon Renee, Weaver Robert Clayton, 10/11/2013
Wilson Michelle Lynn, McKnight-Mouchet Gregory Mason, 10/10/2013
Young Meghan Iris, Kraus Thomas Arthur, 10/9/2013

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