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Mediation: available without charge to local parties

December 11, 2013 | By More

40-eric-dotenDirector Eric S. Doten, a member of the Board of County Court Mediation Services, has invited Historic City News readers to consider the citizen dispute settlement program available to residents of St Johns, Volusia, and Putnam County, without charge, the next time you find yourself at an impasse in a civil dispute.

This voluntary, confidential resolution program offers mediation as an alternative to judicial action for citizens involved in disputes where the monetary amount at issue is $15,000.00 or less.

“People come to us to help them resolve their differences,” Doten told Historic City News today. “Most small claims that would wind up in County Court can be resolved with the assistance of a Florida Supreme Court Certified County Mediator.”

The mediators at County Court Mediation Services are all volunteers. You do not need to hire an attorney or pay any filing fees or court costs to have your issue mediated through this program. Your name, address and other identifying information and the details of your dispute or any settlement, need not be published in the public records. All the details of your particular case may remain completely confidential, if that is your choice.

For more information about this valuable service and some examples of the types of resolutions that have reached for their clients, visit http://www.ccms7th.org/

If you are involved in a dispute and believe it is better to walk away from a confidential meeting with a solution than to remain angry or upset, complete a request form on their website or call:

County Court Mediation Services
Volusia County 386.239.7825
St Johns County 877.331.1411

Mediators have the skills to help you and the other parties reach an agreement that will be acceptable to all.

“Our impartial mediators can help you explore possible solution and reach a fair and lasting solution quickly and confidentially,” Doten said. “Mediation is not arbitration — only you make the decisions.”

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