National Day of Service at Galimore Center


400-MLK-CROSSING-EVENTHistoric City News learned that over four-dozen people gathered at the Willie Galimore Community Center on January 21st to commemorate the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service and view the Andrew Young documentary, “Crossing in St Augustine”.

Freedom Fighters interviewed for the film included former City Commissioner Errol Jones, Audrey Willis, Shed Dawson, Purcell Conway, Barbara B. Allen, Joe Ann Anderson-Ulmer, Audrey Nell Edwards, Janie Price, Maude B. Jackson, Henry ‘Hank’ Thomas, Dr. Dorothy Cotton, and Charles Al Lingo.

“Participants included out-of-town winter visitors and one guest from London, England,” said ACCORD President Emeritus, Gwendolyn Duncan; who was also interviewed for the film, along with historian and author, David Nolan, Rick Matthews of Northrop Grumman, Bob O’Neal of the Hilton Bayfront Inn, and State Attorney Dan Warren.

Former Mayor of Atlanta and United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young shared his experience of being beaten and kicked during a night march near the corner of St George and King Streets in downtown St Augustine.

The film will be shown again during February as part of Black History Month. The venue and date will be announced soon. Duncan thanked the many volunteers who helped out during the event.

ACCORD announces new Board of Directors

2013-2015 Executive Board:

Dalonja Duncan, M.Ed., President;
Cora Tyson, Vice-President;
Julia Heckendorn, Secretary;
Audrey Willis, Treasurer;
June Conway, Financial Secretary

At-Large Committee Members:

Shirley Bryce, Shirley Williams-Collins, Purcell Conway, Elizabeth Duncan, Gwendolyn Duncan, Michael Gallen, Dr. Robert B. Hayling, Beth Levenbach, David Nolan, and Sandra Parks-Kennedy

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