Romanza Festivale recognized by Viva Florida 500

SECRETARY STATE KEN DETZNERSecretary of State Ken Detzner informed local Historic City News reporters that St Augustine’s upcoming Romanza Festivale has been included on the official website of Viva Florida 500; featuring a link for the city’s multi-day, multi-arts celebration taking place later this month.

Viva Florida 500 is a year-long statewide initiative led by the Florida Department of State to highlight this year’s 500th anniversary of the arrival of Juan Ponce de Leon to La Florida.

“Spanish and Hispanic contributions in St Augustine and St Johns County are deeply woven into the historic tapestry of the Sunshine State,” Detzner told local reporters. “This is passionately evident in the art, architecture, culture, cuisine, language and music shared throughout the state; and Viva Florida 500 will share the distinct flavor of Florida with the nation and the world — strengthening the very old ties between the Old and New Worlds.”

Romanza Festivale is centered in historic downtown St Augustine and has become one of the city’s 450th anniversary signature events. Romanza attracts local, regional and international audiences by featuring headliners and exceptional regional stars.

Over three dozen cultural organizations collaborate during the Romanza Festivale to produce 60 plus shows and exhibits; attracting local, regional and international audiences by featuring headliners and exceptional regional stars.

The Romanza Festivale celebration, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., on May 10, through May 19, includes the Ponce de Leon 500 Parade; commemorating the discovery of Florida in 1513.

This anniversary will educate children and adults worldwide about Florida’s significant “firsts” in the foundation of the United States. “Viva Florida 500 will acknowledge and promote the state’s history to establish a legacy that will foster a better understanding of where we came from and inspire an even greater pride in Florida heritage,” Detzner said. “Every American should know that the nation’s identity began in Florida.

From the first practice of traditions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, to the establishment of powerful economic industries like cattle ranching and citrus farming, Florida’s Spanish settlers paved the way.

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