Say “No” to “No Prayer”


400-William-M-KorachOn Tuesday evening, May 14, the Saint Augustine Tea Party will host a nationally known expert on public education, William Korach; who will address the issue of student inspirational speech during St Johns County school’s upcoming graduation ceremonies.

If you have a child in the St Johns County Public School system, you need to be at this meeting, according to Tea Party Chairman Lance Thate.

“The right for student-initiated inspirational prayer has been settled by the Florida Legislature,” Korach, who publishes The Report Card, told Historic City News. “I have no idea why the five-member School Board has moved to prohibit this clear exercise of free speech.”

“The School Board is going to hide behind the recommendation of their Attorney, Frank Upchurch, and deny students their First Amendment right to pray — because of the cost of a threatened law suit,” Korach, who serves as first-vice chairman of the St Johns County Republican Party, told members at a recent meeting.

His stirring comments prompted the Republican Executive Committee to unanimously pass a motion opposing the School Board’s decision.

“The Liberty Counsel has offered pro-bono defense to the School Board against any lawsuit that would seek to deny students their First Amendment rights,” Korach reported. “Should St Johns County really worry about 30 pieces of silver when our First Amendment Rights are at stake?”

Thate has invited all Historic City News readers to attend the open meeting, and bring a friend, on Tuesday, May 14th, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the rear dining room of The Village Inn located at 900 North Ponce De Leon Boulevard in St Augustine.