Tourist Council to recommend new members


400-SJC-ADMIN-PALACEDena Masters reported to local Historic City News reporters that during the next regular meeting of the St Johns County Tourist Development Council on Monday, February 4, the Council will elect a chairman and vice chairman for calendar year 2013 as well as review and recommend appointments for two vacant member seats.

The appointment of Chairman Scott Bartosch as a non-accommodation member expired on August 25, 2012; however, so far, he remains in the position, is eligible and seeking reappointment, and he will chair the February meeting. Accommodation Member Jeffrey Mayers resigned his position on the Council, creating an additional vacancy to be filled.

Per St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners Rules and Policies any member seeking reappointment to a Board or Committee must submit a letter of interest and be considered as any other applicant.

A notice of “committee vacancy” was sent out and the following applications were received:

Non-Accommodation Seat
Scott M. Bartosch, Non-Accommodation, President Limelight Theatre
Charles R. Wood, Non-Accommodation, Attorney
Michelle Rybka, Non-Accommodation, Owner Travel Agency

Accommodations Seat
Anthony Lazzara, General Manager, Casa Monica Hotel
Lindsey Davis, General Manager, Fairfield Inn & Suites

The current Tourist Development Council membership:

Morris, Jay District: 4
Board of County Commissioners

Boles, Joseph District: 5
Mayor City of St. Augustine
Appt. Date: 08/25/09
Exp. Date: 12/13/14

O’Brien, Richard District: 5
Appt. Date: 08/25/09
Exp. Date: 01/01/14
Vice Mayor City of St. Augustine Beach

Cozby, Fred E. District: 4
Appt. Date: 08/25/09
Exp. Date: 08/25/13


Kass, Irving District: 1
Appt. Date: 10/06/11
Exp. Date: 10/06/15

Hughes, Bill District: 4
Appt. Date: 08/25/09
Exp. Date: 08/25/13

Bartosch, Scott M. District: 3
Appt. Date: 08/25/09
Exp. Date: 08/25/12

Peter, John E. “Jack” District: 4
Appt. Date: 08/25/09
Reappt Date: 10/06/11
Exp. Date: 10/06/15

Two paid staff members who are county employees, provide administrative support to the Council; Glenn Hastings, TDC Executive Director, and Dena Masters, Office Manager.

The Tourist Development Council is comprised of nine members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The Council meets at 1:30 p.m. the third Monday of every month in the County Auditorium. Three members are elected officials including the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, or their designee, and two elected municipal officials, one of which must be from the County’s most populous municipality. Per Florida Statute 125.0104, up to four members (but not less than 3 members) are owners or operators of tourist accommodations which are subject to bed tax. The remaining members are persons involved in tourist related businesses other than accommodations. All members must be electors of St. Johns County.

If you plan to attend, the meeting of the Tourist Development Council will convene at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, February 4, 2013, in the County Auditorium located at 500 San Sebastian View in St Augustine.