Town Criers back on St George Street


400-TOWN-CRIER-2ND-AMDHistoric City News has learned that, after 56-weeks of uninterrupted service leading up to the General Election in November, St Augustine’s Town Crier Committee gave its members a well-deserved rest, according to a statement from its chairman, Lance Thate.

The last time the Town Criers engaged the public in the downtown historic preservation district was November 17, 2012 during the festive “Nights of Lights” event.

“We used the time over the holidays to evaluate future activities for the committee,” Thate told reporters. “We realize that we have a unique opportunity to engage the public, connecting face-to-face to see what concerns them, politically.”

The Town Criers, a committee of the Saint Augustine Tea Party, traverse St. George Street, Aviles Street, the Plaza de la Constitution and its environs, answering questions and posing for photographs with citizens Thate says are fed up with government’s regular encroachment upon liberties enumerated in the Constitution.

“When we’re not being photographed, we are distributing pocket editions of the US Constitution,” said Thate. “Since the November election, the number of citizens requesting a copy has increased significantly.”

The Town Criers reported to Historic City News that a disproportionate number of visitors encountered this weekend identified themselves as New York residents. When they saw the familiar colonial attire, Gadsden flag, and saw the Second Amendment signs being carried, they approached and expressed concerns. Thate said the consensus was that moves to register firearms by Governor Cuomo and the New York legislature may set into motion the greatest act of civil disobedience in the state’s history.

According to comments Thate received, people feel that their right to bear arms is deeply rooted in the American spirit. Some of the visitors from New York and other parts of the country suggested that they will not register firearms that the Constitution has guaranteed the government will make no law to infringe.

The Town Crier spokesman said, “America is arming. The nationwide ammunition shortages reflect this. Americans know that uncertain times lie ahead. They are preparing.”

The disarming of a population is a major plank in the “Communist Manifesto”. Thate reported that on St George Street, the public is speaking loud and clear, “Back off the Second Amendment, or else.” When asked if he believes Americans are willing to fight for that liberty, Thate responded, “We believe these people will.”

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