Amphitheatre will offer bicycle parking


400-AMP-VELO-BIKE-PARKING-LStarting with the Steve Miller Band show on March 8th, Historic City News readers will notice new, semi-permanent parking as you come in the main entrance of the St Augustine Amphitheatre; according to Heather Neville, Executive Director Velo Fest Community Initiative.

Velo Fest temporary racks in the green space, just inside the fence line, will be available; not only for shows, but during the farmer’s market, as well.

“If we want more people to ride, we have to provide adequate facilities, placed in proper right of way, that are both safe and easy to get into, and out of — and, we have to do it consistently,” Neville said. “We do not know what the major infrastructure will ultimately be; however, until such time as the studies are done, and decisions are made, we can do our part, at the community level, to support an ongoing effort to get more people on bikes and out walking.”

In the beginning, only self-parking will be available — so Neville reminds bikers to be sure to bring a lock. For major events, like the sold-out Jack Johnson show, the valet will be up and running. Neville said that she hopes that, starting very soon, there will be a valet needed at every major event.

“We are not alone in our sentiment to move towards a cleaner, greener, and lovelier county,” Neville told local Historic City News reporters. “Being bicycle friendly can accomplish much more than just a joy ride. It’s time for the rubber to meet the road.”

Owning this type of resource allows the Velo Fest organization to support their initiative and get more people on the road. In addition to the St Augustine Amphitheatre, the St Augustine Beach St John County Pier will be decked out with additional bicycle parking, as well as some events at Francis Field, and major rides like the “ADA Tour de Cure” and “Bike Donna”.

Velo Fest Community Initiative, a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit, promotes awareness of bicycle safety, healthy lifestyles through cycling activities, environmental enhancements for safe cycling, historical and cultural awareness, and the economic impact that cycling brings communities through tourism and transportation for visitors. Website: