Board denies demolition of 100-year-old building

400-DEMO-BLDGS-80-MARKLANDAn application, tabled in November, for a certificate of demolition of a one-time prominent home in the Model Land Company National Register Historic District, was denied by the Historic Architectural Review Board during their regular meeting January 16th.

Historic City News previously reported that the demolition notice on the site said the building, located at 80 Markland Place, which is also known as 108 King Street, was constructed in 1907; but, according to the property appraiser’s rolls, it was built much earlier, in 1890 — in either case, it’s not disputed to be over 100-years-old.

Following a three-hour discussion that heard conflicting architectural reports which put renovation costs somewhere between $300,000 and $600,000, the Board decided the burden on the owner, Marian N Rice Revocable Living Trust, was less than the value of what Board member Randal Roark called “a historically significant building”.

Attorney’s representing the estate indicated that they will appeal the decision.