If you can, wait until September 1 to renew your tags


Residents renewing their auto, truck and motorcycle tags after September 1 can benefit from a new state law reducing registration fees an average of $14 – $25 each. But, if they get in a hurry to send back their automated renewal ahead of time, they may be stuck with the current, higher fees.

The overpayment cannot be refunded according to staff at the Department of Motor Vehicles in Tallahassee, so it is “buyer beware”, at least for the next week.

St. Johns County Tax Collector Dennis W. Hollingsworth, CFC, told Historic City News that he has been trying to intervene for St Johns County residents who have mailed their renewals to his office ahead of the September 1 due date and that he will process them at that time at the lower fee.

What he cannot do, is adjust any renewal made through the online system regardless of the date the payment was made.

“If they go online to renew before September 1, the payment screen reflects the registration rate in effect without the reduction,” Hollingsworth said. “Our local staff has been in contact with Tallahassee attempting to secure refunds for those who inadvertently renewed before September 1, and who did not pay close attention to the payment screen — however, we were told the law does not allow such refunds to be made.”

Due to the high volume of customers anticipated in early September, customers are encouraged to either renew online at www.gorenew.com or by mail after September 1. If you must visit any of our office locations, please be prepared for a longer than usual wait time.

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