City Manager, Mayor involved in car crash


400-florida-crash-report_5Yesterday afternoon about 4:15 p.m., Historic City News learned that City Manager John P. Regan and St Augustine Mayor, Joseph L. Boles, Jr., were involved in a collision on Anastasia Boulevard at the four-way intersection with Arredondo Avenue.

Regan was driving a city-owned vehicle; a 2013 Black Ford Expedition that suffered disabling damage amounting to about $3,000. The vehicle had to be towed from the scene by a wrecker. Boles was the passenger in the vehicle.

According to the St Augustine police officer Chris Miller, who investigated the crash, Regan suffered no injuries and the Mayor suffered some pain from the airbag deployment, but refused to be transported to a hospital. Miller reported that both Regan and Boles were wearing seat and shoulder belts and neither alcohol nor drugs were a factor in the crash.

The driver of the second vehicle, a 1999 Black Honda 2-door sedan, owned by 51-year-old Maria Colicchio of St Augustine Beach, was 40-year-old Jason R Broecker of Chicago, and his passenger, 43-year-old John William Klepadlo of Grandin, FL. Likewise, the second vehicle was disabled in the crash, suffered about $3,000 in damages, and was towed from the scene. Both men were wearing shoulder and lap belts. Neither of the occupants accepted transportation for medical treatment, although the driver complained of pain in his left arm.

According to the crash report, Broecker was driving towards town on Anastasia Boulevard and was passing stopped vehicles on the right in order to turn right into the driveway of Anastasia Inn. Regan was crossing Anastasia Boulevard, northbound, on Arredondo Avenue; Broecker’s vehicle struck the passenger side of the City SUV as Regan came into Broecker’s path.

Regan’s statement to police at the scene was that traffic on Anastasia Boulevard had stopped to allow him to pass through the intersection and that he did not see the Honda traveling in the outside lane that is sometimes used for parking.

Broecker was issued a traffic citation for careless driving; for improper lane usage and passing on the right.