Despite City posturing, King and Queen have “other plans”


300-SENATOR-KAINE-AND-KING-There has been a lot of posturing over the past year as St Augustine’s 450th Commemoration Department has attempted to justify its existence and avoid further scrutiny of its failed promises of sponsorships, private partnerships, and events worthy of, well, a “celebration on the scale of the Olympics”, I believe the mayor once said.

Of course, that was BEFORE the Mumford and Sons Gentlemen of the Road stopover.

Historic City News has learned today that one of those red herrings can be put to rest, according to front page headlines in The Diplomat in Spain, confirming that the King and Queen of Spain probably haven’t R.S.V.P.’d to the City of St Augustine for a reason — apparently King Felipe and the Queen have announced their plans to inaugurate the XIX Spain-United States Forum on September 5th in Málaga, Spain, and spend the next three days in Marbella; which would not allow them to participate in our founder’s day events.

More than a hundred leaders of the public and private sectors from both countries will gather during the same time we are commemorating Pedro Menendez founding of St Augustine, 450 years ago. The Diplomat reports the royals will be in Marbella to deal with different issues of common interest. The inauguration dinner will take place in the Museo del Automóvil of the capital, Málaga, with the presence of the King and Queen. The rest of the meetings will be celebrated in Marbella.

Of course, Dana Ste. Claire and Paul Williamson will be able to come up with something equally regal to hold the eroding base of taxpayers who are willing to remain quiet while the “Forever King” leads us to the trough of prosperity; there is still hope for the Pope to attend. Yeah. That’s the ticket, the Pope … we’ll get the Pope to come, instead.

Photo: Senator Tim Kaine and King Felipe during the 2013 forum in Santa Barbara, CA.
Photo credits: © 2013 Historic City News archive photograph by US-Spain Council