Editorial: No benefits for illegal aliens


292-300x300A bill to give “in-state tuition” rates to certain undocumented immigrants will be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee at 9:00 a.m. in room 110 of the Senate Office Building in Tallahassee on Tuesday morning.

On the off chance that Historic City News readers are not aware of this misguided move to patronize a questionable segment of Florida’s registered voters in an election year, may I just encourage you to inform yourself and raise your voice.

In our view, there is never a reason to offer a benefit to an illegal activity. Either make the activity legal, or enforce existing laws. Creating loopholes and financial benefits for undocumented immigrants obliterates any positive motivator to “get legal” under our current immigration laws.

Taxpayers should never have to suffer the payment of anything of value when it is obtained through a fraudulent scheme – illegal immigration is “big business” for certain criminal enterprises, and it already costs the taxpayers a fortune in lost wages and fraudulently obtained entitlements reserved for United States citizens.