First look at polling results for St Augustine mayor

400-MAYOR-POLL-RESULTS-50With the first fifty ballots at hand, Historic City News is happy to report that our new polling software is earning its keep. We opened our first poll to learn more about the operation of the voting application, and couldn’t be happier with the ease of use, reader acceptance, and reliability of the program — look for many more polls in the future.


But, how about the mayor election poll? All we can say, initially, is that there is an interesting mix of support for our panel of potential candidates, including St Augustine Mayor Joseph L. Boles, Jr., the only candidate who has officially announced his campaign.

The graph shows you the breakdown. We’ve intentionally left off the candidate names because its way too early in the process and we haven’t tabulated enough votes. I will tell you that the large, brown slice of the pie, 42.9% of the votes cast, voted “someone else” and the mayor is the lowest vote getter with only 1 vote cast. Hummmm.

If you have not voted, please do. You can remain anonymous, or, login with your credentials from popular social networks, including facebook, twitter, or Google+. We’ll release the results once we have a large enough sample of voters.