Flagler Estates residents charged with animal cruelty


d7780The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office reported to Historic City News today that as of this morning, they have seized a total of 39 large farm animals from the home of 40-year-old Tammy Marie Denes and 40-year-old Donald Eugene Dunbar, located at 10020 Nikolitch Avenue in Flagler Estates.

Complaint affidavits were signed and arrest warrants obtained against the homeowners alleging that a large number of animals in their custody appeared to be malnourished, in poor health, and confined without sufficient food, water or space.

The emergency seizure of seventeen cows, nine pigs, eleven goats, and two horses, was made pursuant to Florida Statute 828.073(2). The animals will remain the property of the homeowners pending the final disposition in a hearing before the Court which will be held within 30 days from today.

Denes and Dunbar have been arrested and are charged with 39-counts of animal cruelty.

In the interim, the rescued farm animals are in the custody of the Sheriff’s Office and have been taken to an undisclosed farm where they will be cared for, housed and fed.

The investigation is continuing.

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