Florida birth certificates available from tax collector


St Johns County residents have become all too familiar with the requirements of the federal “Real ID Act” to produce a certified copy of their birth certificate, along with other documents, at least one time when they obtain or renew their driver license or Florida identification card.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles had already contracted with St. Johns County Tax Collector Dennis W. Hollingsworth, CFC, so that local drivers continued to be able to obtain driver licenses and motor vehicle tags after the department closed the motorist services unit at the Florida Highway Patrol station on SR-16.

“Initially, we pursued this option with the Florida Department of Health so that we could provide Florida birth certificates to our driver license and ID card customers who did not have an original or certified copy,” Hollingsworth told Historic City News today. “However, we are pleased to announce this opportunity is available to anyone who would like to visit our office for this service. It’s just one more way we try to anticipate the needs of our customers.”

Florida-born residents can now obtain their birth certificate without having to visit the Bureau of Vital Statistics at the St Johns County Health Department, saving a second trip to the tax collector to obtain their license or identification card. This service is only available at the St. Johns County Tax Collector’s main office; located at 4030 Lewis Speedway in St Augustine. The cost for this service is $21.25.

The office will only process requests for the customer or their parents if the customer is under 18. The parent must be listed on the birth certificate. Applicants must bring either one primary form of identification, such as a valid and unexpired driver license, or three secondary forms of identification. Secondary identification includes an employment photo ID with a notarized statement from the employer stating they are currently employed, a school ID with a notarized statement from the school indicating they are currently enrolled, or one of several other options.