Folio Weekly: Boles – The Forever King


300-BOLES-THE-FOREVER-MAYORFolio Weekly: Boles – The Forever King

Folio Weekly’s cover Wednesday features incumbent Mayor Joe Boles’ head atop Founder Pedro Menendez’ statue with the title The Forever King.

Folio Reporter Susan Eastman was in St Augustine last weekend gathering information for the article. She noted from her research that if Joseph L. Boles is reelected to a fifth term, he’ll become the longest serving mayor in St. Augustine’s long history.

She also commented, “Not everyone is on board.” Eastman reported on the looming public dissatisfaction with a well-below market value land lease, now in it’s last renewal, made decades ago between the city, Boles, and former mayor Len Weeks. Restaurateur Chris Way was an original maker of the lease, but he was released from the agreement when the lease was extended by former mayor Greg Baker and other members of the city commission.

St Augustine citizen activist Ed Slavin was quoted extensively in the introduction of the article, with quotes from Boles’ challengers in Tuesday’s Primary Election; Ken Bryan and Experian business consultant, Nancy Shaver.

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Photo credits: © Folio Weekly illustration by Shan Stumpf

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