Greater Love Ministries goes to the movies


325-GOD-IS-NOT-DEAD-LOGOHistoric City News has been asked to invite St Augustine and St Johns County college students to enjoy free pizza and free tickets for the year’s surprise blockbuster, “God’s Not Dead” sponsored by Greater Love Ministries.

After the 10:30 a.m. service this Sunday, the Church family of the Greater Love fellowship and all visitors are invited to participate in “Let’s go to the Movies”.

“We will get a head count early in the service, and by the end of the service, movie tickets will be in hand for all those who wish to be present for the 1:45 p.m. showing at Epic Theatres, located on SR-207 at 112 Theatre Drive in Saint Augustine,” said Terry Herbert, a church member who is organizing the activity. “I have seen this movie’s plot play out in the real lives of Christian college students who have been ridiculed and persecuted for their faith. I find God’s Not Dead to be a powerful antidote for their pain.”

You can visit the church online at or this Sunday, at 555 SR-16 in St Augustine, or call (904) 794-0809 for more information about this new program.

REVIEW: Theodore Behr, Movie Guide: “GOD’S NOT DEAD” is an entertaining, profound Christian movie. Josh Wheaton arrives at college and signs up for the best schedule. He’s told not to sign up for one philosophy class, because the professor will crush his Christian faith. He signs up anyway, because the class fits his schedule. Professor Radisson forces each student to sign a pledge that God is dead. Josh refuses, and Radisson tells him he’s going to fail him. He even threatens to destroy Josh’s chances to get into law school. Meanwhile, a beautiful girl who’s come to Christ must battle her Muslim Father. Also, the local pastor is challenged to live his faith. Finally, the professor’s girlfriend tells him she too has come to Jesus. There are a lot of stories in the movie, but they work because they end up in the same place. The direction and acting are very good. The ending of this powerful movie is terrific. Even better, the entertainment value transcends the message. Viewers won’t be bored. They will be enlightened and inspired.