Hands go out today for their share of local bed tax


400-SPENDING-THE-BED-TAXThe ACH Funding Panel began meeting this morning Wednesday July 9 at 9:00 a.m. in the St. Johns County Auditorium, located at 500 San Sebastian View in St Augustine.

The chart below is the order that the Grant requests will be reviewed. Each applicant will have the opportunity to present a 3-minute update highlighting any new information since the application deadline in April.

Panel members have the opportunity to ask questions before each application is scored.

Each applicant must have a representative available to answer questions from the panel.

Following the scoring of all applications, individual applicants will have another comment period prior to final motion and adoption of the scores.

The panel will not be involved in the allocation of grant dollars. Scores will be forwarded to the TDC to allocate the available funds.

2015 ACH Grant Applications – July 9 Panel Meeting

Product Development
15.001 PD COSA – Tapestry
15.002 PD Romanza – 4th Annual Festivale
15.003 PD SA Historical Society -Vodcasts
15.004 PD Holy Trinity -Greek Festival
15.005 PD EMMA – Fiesta 450th

ACH Ongoing Programs
15.006 ANN SA Historic Inns – B&B Tour
15.007 ANN SA Music Festival
15.008 ANN Flagler College -First America
15.009 ANN Romanza – Celtic Festival
15.0010 ANN FL Heritage Book Festival
15.011 ANN EMMA – Zuckerman/Moscow
15.012 ANN EPIC – Taste of SA
15.013 ANN STAR – Paseo Pastel
15.014 ANN Limelight Theatre – 450 Theatre Celebration
15.015 ANN SA Maritime Heritage Festival
15.016 ANN SA Film Festival

15.017 ER Easter Parade
15.018 ER Middle Passage/Port Marker
15.019 ER Historic Florida Militia – School of the 16th Century
15.020 ER COSA – Concerts in the Plaza
15.021 ER Romanza – St Patrick Parade
15.022 ER British Nightwatch
15.023 ER SA Yacht Club – Holiday Regatta
15.024 ER SEA -Rails to Trails Festival
15.025 ER FL Literary Arts Coalition
15.026 ER FL Chamber Music Project
15.027 ER COSAB – Beach Blastoff
15.028 ER First Coast Opera – Crystal Concert
15.029 ER SA Beach – BBQ & Blues
15.030 ER SA Beach – Music by the Sea
15.031 ER COSA – 450th Commission- Celebrate 450!
15.032 ER SJ Chamber – PV Auto Show
15.033 ER SA Art Association – A&C Festival
15.034 ER SA Art Association – Nature and Wildlife
15.035 ER COSA – First City through Eyes of the Masters
15.036 ER Friends of SA Amphitheater
15.037 ER Historic Florida Militia – Changing of the Guard

ACH Facilities
15.038 FAC Lightner Museum
15.039 FAC Limelight Theatre
15.040 FAC SA Lighthouse and Museum
15.041 FAC Cultural Center PV Beach