No, a hashtag is not a breakfast dish

The FCTC Education Foundation has invited Historic City News readers to participate in a free presentation being held on campus Thursday, March 6th at 6:30 p.m., entitled, “Crossing the Digital Divide”.

First Coast Technical College reported that as access to technology becomes more critical to our economic and personal needs, recent studies show that the technology knowledge gap is widening.

“Is tweeting something you think a bird does?,” Dr. Charlie Judice, a retired researcher from Bell labs and a member of the FCTC Education Foundation, asked, rhetorically. “Does hashtag sound like a breakfast dish?”

A spokesman for the school, located at 2980 Collins Avenue, in St Augustine, said those interesting in attending this class should check-in at Building “C” and arrive early.

Judice will explain some of the causes of this “divide” and some of the problems it creates in our existing high-tech world. The seminar promises to improve your digital vocabulary and skills in order for you to be able to communicate fluently in the technological-sphere.

Also, during the seminar, Judice will offer some tips to master frequently-used technology.