Letter: Following the will of the minority


300-300-LETTERS-EDITORLetter: Following the will of the minority

A US Government employee
Washington, DC

Dear Editor:

The last time I checked, we live in a REPUBLIC, where majority rule swings the vote and sets the course of the NATION.

So how is it, a little pocket of opinionated, wealthy individuals can feel empowered to boss the MAJORITY of people around and get their way?

Their way that they think is better for THEM, but does nothing to take into account the needs or desires of the MAJORITY.

I think it’s simple. It comes down to APATHY, or a lulled into logic that the MAJORITY starts to think, “Gosh, that’s so stupid, they won’t let that happen. Someone will tell them they are wrong. The Government will act and stop that from happening.”

Well, guess what folks, WE are the GOVERNMENT. The SOCIAL CONTRACT gives “US”, We the People, the power to make Government respond to the will of the majority.

If you do not stand up and voice an OPINION, the will of the MINORITY becomes the only thing the GOVERNMENT hears, and let me tell you, GOVERNMENT is a great, huge, massive beasty that has very bad hearing.

The LOUDEST VOICE is the one it hears. SO if a small, organized MINORITY, is the only VOICE being heard, then that is the direction GOVERNMENT is going to take.

If you want things to CHANGE, or just STAY THE SAME, you need to fight for it with your voices, your phones, your computers and let GOVERNMENT HEAR the WILL of the PEOPLE.

Editor’s note: Because of the position held by the writer, Historic City News will not publish their name, or department within the federal government. This was not an anonymous letter; we verified and know the person who shared this valuable message.