Letter: Low-class personal digs mark “new” Record

Letter: Low-class personal digs mark “new” Record

Jay and Peggy Bliss
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

The “new” Record has now delivered two swipes at mayoral candidate Nancy Shaver, and it has not gone unnoticed.

On the 27th, The Record election news reporter called Shaver an “upstart” — an uncivil and derogatory label.

Again, on the 29th, their editorial “The money trail…” finds that Mayoral Candidate Nancy Shaver “came the closest of the group to cheating the odds.” “Cheating” — another uncalled-for attack.

Flag as inappropriate both those slams.

These are small and unnecessary low-class digs that tell us that the newspaper has its own money trails it follows. Our subscription is cancelled.

We feel privileged to have Nancy Shaver’s commitment to serve St Augustine’s City Commission. We find Ms. Shaver a breath of fresh air, with business acumen, leadership, and experience.

She methodically asks for the facts, listens to the players, and attends to the details and raises the what-ifs. Likewise, we appreciate all the individuals, incumbents and challengers, for their commitment to public service.

Finally, we appreciate Historic City News for its factual presentation of the news, without the penny-ante blockades and minor histrionics of The Record.