Letter: Please help Velo Fest Festival 2015


Letter: Please help Velo Fest Festival 2015

Heather Neville
St Augustine, FL

Dear Editor:

I am hoping that Historic City News readers will consider sending an email of support to the City of St Augustine. We have accomplished a great deal but face new challenges as we prepare for Velo Fest Festival 2015.

There will be a public meeting Tuesday June 24th, 4:00 pm, Lightner Museum, Alcazar Room. Please attend if you can and learn more about our plans.

As we offer the public some insight into Velo Fest 2015, we are re-proposing some changes to the City of St. Augustine. We anticipated some kickback, as we have learned that there is still a strong hold of anti-bicycle leadership within the community.

The attack on our festival is being underlined by a proposed city ordinance that would severely limit all bicycle, pedi-cab, and carriage — basically anything; except motor vehicles.

If you cannot make the meeting, please consider taking a moment NOW to send an email in support of the festival to Wanda Bray (wbray@citystaug.com) and copy me (director@velofest.org).

• Name
• Age
• Area you travel from
• Why you like St. Augustine and its surrounding areas
• Why you like to ride
• Did you visit and new or old shops, restaurants or stores
• Any other info you would like to share

The festival will go on with your support and with encouragement from our community leaders. I would like to personally thank each of you for taking the time to do this.