Letter: Quality Inn posts fraudulent charges to credit card


400-QUALITY-INN-HISTORIC-DILetter: Quality Inn posts fraudulent charges to credit card

Jessica Davis
Priscilla Goldston

Dear Editor:

We checked into the Quality Inn Historic District, located at 1111 N Ponce De Leon Boulevard, in Saint Augustine on Friday August 15th and rented one room for two nights.

The room charges were $207.79. We took our dogs with us to the lobby to pay the pet fee. The final total for the room and pet fee was $242.78 for the two nights.

Saturday morning I checked my bank account and discovered that the hotel charged me 5 different times making a total of 485.56.

We went to the office and told them their overnight guy made unauthorized charges to my card.

My bank confirmed those transactions and explained this to the hotel. The manager refunded me $242.78 in cash.

I thought everything was okay till I checked my account again that night and they charged my card again for 242.78.

We wake up at 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning to check out and told them at the desk about the charges to my card again.

When we brought this to their attention, Mr.Farid, the owner told us to shut up and he called the police and claimed we were trespassing.

The police showed up and restrained Priscilla when she started crying. They threatened to take her to jail if she did not stop crying.

We got kicked out of the hotel, and they still have my money and refuse to give it back.

What can we do?


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