Letter: Risks when privatizing government assets

Letter: Risks when privatizing government assets

Ellen A Whitmer
Fruit Cove, FL

Dear Editor:

According to her vision statements, Kim Kendall thinks that government assets can be better managed by private corporations; but, there have been numerous examples of private companies having to be bailed out by the people and government.

Seems to me that the private companies interested in these contracts want to be insured and underwritten by the taxpayers. They want the taxpayers to take the risk, or make the investment, yet they want to make the profit.

I say that any company who wants to take the market risk, and raise their own capital, can do so — if they can do it better, then they are free to engage in their own plan. But, why are they always trying to get a “sweetheart deal” from the taxpayers by providing government services?

Generally, the private groups raise prices and provide much less service to the public whenever they have taken over government assets.

Seems to me that Kim Kendall believes in subsidies to prop up companies that say they believe in the “free market”. It will not be in the best interest of St. Johns County to follow her path. We will get LESS for our money.