Man impersonating police captured by real detective


300-MATTHEW-MICHAEL-LEE-MCMSergeant Catherine Payne informed local Historic City News reporters today that last night, in a strange turn events, a man driving a one-time police cruiser attempted to pull over a real detective driving and unmarked vehicle on International Golf Parkway; and, today, the civilian driver remains in the St Johns County Detention Facility in lieu of $5,500.00.

This is a tale of the “hunter” becoming the “hunted”. Detective Justin “Chance” Anderson noticed a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria traveling at a low rate of speed along the highway. As Anderson approached, he noticed the markings of a former patrol car; an emblem identifying the Crown Victoria as a “Police Interceptor”. Anderson made a legal pass on the vehicle’s left side and reported that, when he returned to the travel lane, in front of the Ford vehicle, the driver of that Crown Victoria activated flashing red and blue emergency lights, as if to attempt to make a traffic stop.

Detective Anderson was curious as to who was trying to stop his vehicle, so he pulled over on the shoulder of the road. The incident occurred at 8:35 p.m. on June 2, 2014. The Ford slowed … but drove away. Then, Anderson turned the tables. He pursued the vehicle and affected a traffic stop; identifying the driver as 20-year-old St Johns County resident Matthew Michael Lee McMahon who lives at 4412 Carolyn Lane in St Augustine.

McMahon provided numerous spontaneous statements on the roadside as to why he was in possession of emergency lights. Detective Anderson continued his investigation and determined McMahon has never been a law enforcement officer.

McMahon has been charged with unlawfully displaying blue lights and impersonating a law enforcement officer.