Plans for San Sebastian View property unveiled


300-FLAGLER-CROSSINGHistoric City News has learned more about the owner’s plans for the property known as “Flagler Crossing” on San Sebastian View at US-1, where clearing and land preparation has been underway for several months. The parcel involved is immediately south of the St Johns County Administrative Palace, west of the Florida East Coast Railway tracks.

Tom Jones said yesterday in published reports that the partners will sell off the residential component, which is entitled for 640 multifamily units and 107 single-family homes and hold the commercial-entitled parcels.

“The residential market is pretty good, and we’d like to move some of that land while the market will accept it,” Jones was quoted in an interview published in the Jacksonville Business Journal. Jones also said he didn’t have a time frame for the commercial development, according to the interview.

Some of the most desirable lots in the development are waterfront on the San Sebastian River and are planned for single-family homes. The multi-family component will face east towards US-1. The commercial lots will be the last to build.