Police distribute bicycle light kits at Dining with Dignity


bike-light-11Each evening at 74 Bridge Street, located in a lot near the corner of Washington Street, the Dining with Dignity initiative, with assistance from Home Again St. Johns, undertakes to offer a meal to those who would otherwise go hungry. In the past year, more than 34,000 meals were served, and Home Again St Johns assisted further in relocating homeless people sleeping on the St Augustine bay front.

On Wednesday evening, St Augustine Police Officer Jeff Truncellito and Public Information Officer Mark Samson distributed about seventy-sets of bicycle lights donated by the Florida Department of Transportation.

“Almost everyone who participates in the Dining with Dignity program rides a bicycle,” Samson told Historic City News this afternoon. “The bicycles are serviceable, even though most of them are old and rusty; but, few have headlights — making it difficult for the rider to be seen at night.”

In recent months, the community has expressed growing concern for bicyclists and pedestrians that have been involved in traffic crashes. As part of the City Police Community Policing initiative, Samson says the bicycle light donations became a means to make an immediate impact on the traffic safety issues.

During the course of the evening, copies of the city ordinance and state statutes that cover bicycle and pedestrian laws were distributed. Officer Truncellito also assisted several people by showing them how the lights are mounted as well as how to operate the lights.

“This simple program benefits the entire community,” Samson said. “It helps protect our citizens and shows that the St Augustine Police Department is about more than just enforcement of the law.”