Popular Castillo volunteer enjoyed his retirement

Historic City News was informed of the passing of Brigadier General, United States Air Force Arthur H. Small (Ret.) who turned 87-years-old last week. General Small, who traveled in service to his country most of his adult life, lived in St Augustine at 449 North Legacy Trail.

Locally, General Small was well known for his historic interpretation and re-enactment of a colonial soldier at sites like the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, where he became a staple of weekend operations with the Castillo’s living history crew.

250-GORDIE-WILSON-NPS“It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to one of our outstanding volunteers,” wrote National Park Service Superintendent Gordie Wilson. “Another member of the Long Blue Line has joined the Last Watch at the Castillo.”

Given General Small’s history, you would think he would have settled down after his military retirement, but he became a dedicated volunteer with the National Park Service; joining us every weekend with the exception of those times he and his wife were going on a trip or cruise, according to Superintendent Wilson.

“He will be missed,” read the announcement of General Small’s passing. “He will be remembered and we’ll keep the light up so he can always find his way home.”