Has Your Resolve Dissolved? Take Heart, says Cupid!


300-SUSAN-JOHNSON-COAHas Your Resolve Dissolved? Take Heart, says Cupid!
Susan Johnson

Statistics show that, after just one month, the resolve has dissolved for 36% of us who have vowed to make changes in the coming year. And, six months into the new year, that percentage has jumped to 56! When you consider that the number one New Year’s Resolution for our nation in the year 2014 was to lose weight, it might seem like we just don’t care enough about ourselves to stick with a new and improved health plan! But forget about statistics and take heart!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I decided to take the bow by the horns (?) and go straight to the heart of the matter. Yes, I questioned Cupid about his take on life and love…and how to keep the romance going. Here’s what he had to say.

Me: What is the real meaning of Valentine’s Day?
Cupid: People always think that Valentine’s Day is about lovers; couples and romance and gifts and chocolates! And it certainly is about that but it is also about much more than that. Valentine’s Day is about love in all its finest forms. Love of our children, our parents, our spouses, our country, our personal beliefs and value systems, our friends and sometimes our enemies. But love in any of these forms is not truly possible without the ability to love ourselves. (It’s true…believe me…if there’s one thing I know, it’s LOVE!)

Me: Ummm…so I should send myself flowers and treat myself to a nice meal?
Cupid: Well yes, of course you should and not just on Valentine’s Day! As you know, I am all about the show! But we need to care about and nurture ourselves on more than just a superficial level. Loving oneself means taking responsibility for one’s own health and well-being. It also means being aware of our shortcomings and being committed enough to our own personal growth process to take and follow through with the steps that will initiate and facilitate positive change.

Me: Have you found that this path toward self-improvement is easier for some than for others?
Cupid: Yes, I have! It would seem that, as one approaches retirement age and is looking at more leisure time, a dedication to more healthful pursuits would be easier to maintain. But statistics show otherwise. Most people over 50 have a more difficult time achieving desired health goals than their younger counterparts, even though they comprise the greater majority of ‘gym rats’ and in fact, visit a gym more regularly than any other demographic. And, surprisingly enough, my research shows that archery is not the sport of choice for any age group! For which I am thankful. Job security, you know.

Me: What would you suggest?
Cupid: As my friend Dr. Ruth always said, “try something different!” Step outside your comfort zones! Gyms are great but as we all know, the same old routine day after day can turn Lively Larry into Boring Bennie in record time! Take a dance class, spice things up with a little Zumba or work on balance and flexibility with some Yoga or Tai Chi. And remember that the brain is a muscle too! (In fact, that same old friend of mine was also fond of saying that “the biggest sensual receptor in the body is the brain.”)So work it out in a book club, writers workshop or discussion group. Believe me – yes, one more time! – you’ll soon see improvement in more than your ability to go the distance with a good book!

Me: All well and good, Cupid but no one has time to run around to five different places to get all this exercise in – even those of us who are lucky enough to be retired. After all, we can’t fly. And we’re not independently wealthy like you.
Cupid: Hey, I worked hard for the money! But be that as it may…I have discovered a place that seems to have everything under one roof. And it’s extremely reasonable, price-wise. Just call (904) 209-3700 and ask them about their exercise programs, creative classes, French, Spanish and sign language offerings… and of course, their brain workouts – but please…keep it clean!

Me: One more question, Cupid. I see your wings there but what happened to your halo?
Cupid: Actually, a halo was not part of my original costume. It was added later and I never did like it. I think the bowler works much better.

We agree!

The Council on Aging has fun classes for everyone of every age. Like Cupid said, call (904) 209-3700 or visit www.coasjc.com. You’ll be glad you did.