Sanchez denies referral to citizens as “outsiders” – tape proves otherwise

I realize that Commissioner Sanchez is technology impaired, but surely as fixated as he seems to be about “security” in the Administration Palace, with his private armed guards, sheriff’s deputies, “secured areas” off limits to “outsiders”, he realizes that the meetings are recorded?

He denied Thursday, March 27,2014 that he ever referred to citizens as “outsiders”. Do you believe that? Richard Jones and his wife and Robert Revels heard the denial. The video of his 27 minute attack on Bill McClure lets you see for yourself — he doesn’t do it once, he does it TWICE.

From the March 18, 2014 Board of County Commissioners meeting, listen to the 25-second clip of SANCHEZ referring  to the  public as outsiders  CLICK HERE.

Media clip courtesy Liliana Kurpanik

Commissioner Sanchez has lost perspective. He believes that he works for the County Administrator, Michael Wanchick; whose $193,000 annual salary Sanchez and Jay Morris approved. Not to mention Wanchick’s severance package; which is so large that state law would prohibit a current board from negotiating it.

Comment 1, “We need to mention the fact that outsiders of any kind, anyone not being accompanied by the officeholder for that office, should not be allowed in there by themselves.”

Comment 2, “If we’re not supposed to allow volunteers to be there, how should we be allowed to allow outsiders?”