Shooter and victim both taken to jail

St Johns County Sheriff’s detectives updated the Historic City News crime desk upon the arrest of both men involved in a 4:38 a.m. shooting that occurred at 1011 Southbank Way in St. Johns this morning.

According to the incident report, 41-year-old Mark Christopher Ruddle, who lives nearby at 1011 Southbank Way, went to the home of 22-year-old Dylan Clyde Potter and engaged him in an argument at the front door to his residence.

Deputies on the scene determined that one shot was fired from a handgun in Ruddle’s possession, directed into Potter’s home. No one was struck by the gunshot, according to the incident report.

Both men were brought to the Sheriff’s Office for questioning and each was arrested after the interview. Ruddle was charged with carrying a concealed firearm. Potter was taken into custody after it was verified that Clay County had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

The investigation continues into the circumstances of the shooting.