Snakebite sends St Johns resident to hospital


400-COPPERHEADA 65-year-old Mallard Landing Boulevard resident was assisted by St Johns County emergency medical personnel this evening, after he was apparently bitten by what he believes to be a copperhead snake.

The victim got into his own vehicle and attempted to drive to the hospital, but, according to reports, he stopped at the Hess station at Roberts Road when he saw a sheriff’s patrol car.

The deputy arranged for St Johns Fire Rescue to stabilize the victim and transport him to Baptist South hospital, then he returned to the scene and recovered the remains of the snake. According to the report, the deputy delivered the snake to the hospital in order to verify its species and select the appropriate antivenin.

A Copperhead snake bite needs medical attention. It is extremely painful, and may cause extensive scarring and loss of use. Because of the quick availability of treatment, it is believed that the victim will make a full recovery, although his condition is unconfirmed at this time.

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