Thrasher loses insider’s track on university appointment


375-J-E-THRASHER-PC-HCNYesterday, a new consultant has reported to Historic City News that St Augustine Republican Senator, John Thrasher, a former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, will no longer receive special consideration in his bid to become the next president at Florida State University since the April departure of former president Eric Barron.

During an informal afternoon session with students and faculty at FSU, managing partner Alberto Pimentel of Storbeck, Pimentel & Associates, says his California based search firm won’t repeat the recommendation of Bill Funk, to have the search committee solely interview Thrasher.

“The search for Florida State University’s next president won’t be sidetracked again for a powerful state politician; or any other individual who wants the job,” Pimentel said in published interviews after yesterday’s meetings.

Funk, the former search consultant, received a vote of “no confidence” from the Faculty Senate and resigned earlier this month. FSU students and faculty continue to push for an individual with a strong academic resume rather than a politician. Last Thursday, Florida Board of Governors member Dean Colson said Funk’s actions have “damaged the national reputation of FSU”.

Pimentel told reporters that he hopes qualified candidates won’t misread Funk’s resignation or his appointment. Pimentel’s fear is that applicants will misread the university’s interests. The school seeks an individual who can direct fundraising and also guide the university toward a national top-25 ranking for academics and research. While interested politicians, or other fundraisers, are not precluded from applying; “those in academics are also welcome to apply”.

Pimentel’s firm has conducted about 2,000 university job searches nationwide.