Training the Watchdogs of Tomorrow


Historic City News editor Michael Gold was selected by the non-profit Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity to serve as the Florida editor for Watchdog Wire; a national network that recruits, educates and develops citizen journalists who seek to advance transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility, with a strategic focus on the state and local levels of government.

As part of our mission to keep watchdog journalism alive and well, we understand that in addition to working in the statehouses right now, we need to help cultivate a new generation of journalists to pick up the mantle of free speech and accountability.

“We recently decided to step in and take over the journalism internship program previously run by the Institute of Humane Studies,” announced the president and founder of the Franklin Center, Jason Stverak. “As the watchdogs of tomorrow, these student interns are starting to make a difference today – at their campus newspapers, and in newsrooms that have brought them on as part of the Franklin Center Journalism Internship.”

Stverak says that he is “wildly optimistic” about the future of journalism. He credits the students we’ve been able to help train through this program as a big part of the reason why.

“They represent the tip of the spear in the next wave of reporters passionate about government transparency,” Stverak told Historic City News. “They’re eager to shine a bright light on our government institutions. I can’t wait to see what they do next.”

The Franklin Center supports investigative journalists, both professional and citizen, without the assistance of government or tax-payer financed grants. The organization relies solely on the generous support of our donors. Your donation to the Franklin Center is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law under Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3).

The Franklin Center supports us and helps us to continue our watchdog mission in St Johns County. If you would like to help us keep up the fight for a free press, you can make your tax deductable donation to them, here.

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